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Ninja Creami

User interface and user experience design for Ninja’s flagship ice cream maker.


Finding the Best User Journey

In the early stages of development I compared the user journey of two design options the team was considering. My goal was to determine which option provided the best user experience and to give insight into how to make improvements moving forward.

Group 2603.png

Icon Design

I worked to design icons that fit the existing criteria for Ninja’s visual brand language. All icons were set at a 0.75pt line weight, shown at a side profile view, and used solid line to represent shape. 

Group 2633.png

Layout Exploration

I explored various ways of grouping UI elements while keeping product and engineering constraints in mind. Because the UI is made up of many icons, it was important that the layout helped to minimize business. 

Group 2605.png

Selected Layout

• Edge to edge layout to seamlessly integrate with the unit

• Matte texture on touch points to avoid visible fingerprints

• Main focus on the functions

Group 2634.png

Sku Differentiation

Different markets and countries required different layouts and Icons. When designing the opening price point sku it was important to consider how the layout could be easily modified to fit these different needs.

Group 2635.jpg
Mask Group 20.jpg
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