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Ninja Foodi Indoor Grill

User interface and user experience design for Ninja’s indoor grill family.


Usability Testing

I had 7 participants interact with two digital prototypes of the Grill’s UI. My goal was to understand the intuitiveness of; using a dial to set cooking preferences, changing cook settings mid use, and setting the smart thermometer with preset settings. 


“Could you verbally walk me through step by step how you might grill a rack of ribs outdoors on medium for 20 minuets?”

“Imagine you started outdoor grilling and you wanted to use the smoker function. How would you do that?”

Opening Price Point With Smart Thermometer

“Could you verbally walk me through step by step how you might roast a pork loin to well while using the thermometer preset settings?”

Testing Overview

Overall the designs were found to be intuitive, all testers were able to complete the scenarios without significant guidance. The high priority updates to make were to link doneness and preset in a more visual way and help to unify the functions around the dial as they were appearing as two separate groups.

Group 2647.jpg

Cost Saving Dial Exploration

In order to save cost, I looked into moving from a two part to a one part dial. With this new dial design, I looked into alternative ways of communicating start/stop that could be rotated and would still read as being right side up.

Group 2674.png

Dial Testing

• The form only and segmented circle dial concepts were tested with 10 participants

• 7 out of 10 participants wanted the words “start/stop” printed on or 
around the dial


• Form alone was not enough to affectively communicate start/stop

Mask Group 30.jpg

Final Designs

Based on user testing, start/stop was moved to above the dial. On the EDLP sku all functions were updated to include white LEDs to help unify the functions on the left and right sides of the dial. on the opening price point sku the grouping of preset, manual, and doneness was updated to help visually communicate the link between preset an doneness.


EDLP sku.png

Opening Price Point With Smart Thermometer

probe sku.png
Mask Group 31.jpg
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